Are you about to embark on a trip that’s long been on your bucket list? There’s nothing better to lift the spirit that the growing excitement about pending travel. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a novice, travelling with pets can present very specific issues that need to be addressed prior to your departure. Follow these recommendations from the travel professionals to ensure that your trip with your pet meets all of your expectations.

The most important item to secure is pet-friendly accommodations. Whether you have plans to stay in a private vacation home rental, a hotel or visit friends, checking in advance about pet policies is critical. Not all accommodations are pet friendly. When visiting friends or relatives, make arrangements to board your pet, it will be a much more enjoyable visit for all involved. Not everyone is as fond of your pet as you are. If you have determined that your hotel or vacation house is pet friendly, make sure there is ample access to outdoor space for your pet. Consider taking advantage of the deals offered by Groupon and invest in a new pet bed designed for travel from the great selection available at Lord & Taylor. Have your pet sleep in this a few nights prior to departure to gain familiarity.

Finally, your travel arrangements should also be pet friendly. If you’re driving in your own car, take a travel mat for your pet. If you have plans to fly, check with the airline on whether you can take your pet in the cabin and what the regulations are for pet carriers. Some larger pets will need to be in special crates and stowed with the cargo. Be mindful of the low temperatures at high altitudes in the winter months.  Make arrangements for food and water for your pet during travel. Vacations with pets can be lots of fun for the entire family is planned properly in advance. Enjoy your special vacation!