My Very first Walleye Day at the Border Waters Kayak Area


Day time 0

I ran unemployed on period and snapped up my child from daycare. My spouse left focus on time too. After a short goodbye plus some last moment additions in order to my equipment I had been off towards the airport within Detroit.

I’d my typical luck about the flight… it had been packed as well as I had been sitting alongside another big frame individual like personally. I never reach sit alongside a small petite point that only occupies half the seat, I always end up getting someone such as myself who’s to high and bulky to become comfortable within those sardine containers they phone airplanes. We landed from 9: 30 PM HOURS local amount of time in Minneapolis as well as waited with regard to my baggage. Much in order to my shock both bits of luggage managed to get here. Regrettably, because from the slow launching time and additional wait prior to the flight became popular, the relaxation of my personal crew have been waiting personally for an additional hour.

All of those other crew selected me up in the jump-n-run launching area as well as we going for Ely. I believe it had been about four hours, or a bit more, with the actual stops all of us made and also the deer we’d to avoid. You need to watch all of them, they tend to be thick inside. We finally reached Ely from 2: 30 ‘M and chose to nap for two hours prior to we met using the outfitters.

Day time 1

We met the people from Backwoods Outfitters in the local breakfast every day joint (We cannot keep in mind the name however they had superb food) from 6 ‘m. After breakfast every day we returned to the actual outfitter’s as well as packed the gear. We’d two canoes, 6 packs, as well as two fishing rod tubes. Everything all of us needed is at those packages including the food, angling gear, tents, clothing, cooking items, etc.

We going off towards the Chainsaw Siblings around 7: 30 ‘M and climbed to the canoes close to 8 ‘m. The drinking water was higher enough that people could kayak down Pickett creek without having much trouble. I is at the canoe with this guide Shaun. During which first couple of minutes he proceeded to go over fundamental canoe cerebral vascular accidents and their own effects as well as we attempted them out for the reason that slow shifting twisty creek.

Mudro River was the first open up water in order to cross also it didn’t consider real lengthy. I did not realize, nevertheless, that the actual nastiest portage from the trip was in the other finish… the “Stairway In order to Heaven. ” I’d been informed by others within the group this was unpleasant but I’d underestimated this. The portage route was slimy along with mud. The first 1 / 2 of the portage had been mostly the gravel route up hill and also the second fifty percent was a remarkably nasty downhill which was comprised of water smoothed rubble like actions, if the actual steps have been done with a mad guy. I huffed as well as puffed my personal way upward one aspect and began down another but We kept slipping using the weight from the double load up. One from the others returned and helped if you take the best pack away my back which allowed me to complete the portage without having falling as well as braining myself on the rock. After what appeared like forever, but actually was just a couple minutes, I managed to get to the finish of the actual portage and reached Sandpit River.

The exercise across Sandpit had been uneventful. While the actual lake isn’t that big it’s quite fairly and you will find said to be decent Walleye as well as Smallmouth within the lake, but that may be said for a number of lakes within the BWCA. Quickly we reached the portage in between Sandpit as well as Tin May Mike. This portage is actually longer compared to first portage but it’s a little easier since the slope from the uphills as well as downhills isn’t as excellent. You still have to watch your own footing however, you don’t seem like your likely to die should you fall more than.

After all of us finished the actual Sandpit portage all of us found ourself paddling throughout Tin May Mike river. On a few maps this particular lake is called Murphy river, but nobody seems to understand why. Tin May Mike looks nearly the same as Sandpit, just larger. Once again it allegedly has great populations associated with Walleye as well as Smallmouth, however we were not stopping presently there. The portage from Tin May Mike lake goes to Equine Lake. I do not remember much concerning the portage path between Container Can Paul and Equine Lake therefore it couldn’t happen to be real difficult.

Now that people are within Horse River our destination may be the river. Luckily for all of us there isn’t much blowing wind that day time, because the guide said this lake could possibly get quite unpleasant to exercise across once the wind accumulates. We paddled halfway in the lake as well as turned east to the Horse Water. Shortly next we found our very first river portage. At this time the manual had us get free from the canoes as well as he required them with the very brief rapids individually and all of us climbed in in the other aspect. There were a few short rapids in order to negotiate prior to the next water portage and people were uneventful simply because we required our period and picked a great line via each. The following river portage was a great deal longer compared to first water portage but nonetheless only a few hundred back yards. Back to the river all of us went as well as paddled some time longer before visiting the last river portage prior to the falls. This really is another typical portage along with nothing special to explain other compared to wonderful surroundings like usually. We right now are about the last leg from the river prior to Lower Basswood Drops.

There tend to be two various portages which i know in the event that at Reduce Basswood drops, one about the American side and something on the actual Canadian aspect. The Canadian portage is really a little better over time because this positions a person downstream in the falls output and help to make the paddling simpler to start. After moving Lower Basswood falls we’re now within Crooked River. The portaging has ended for all of us because the destination is actually Skull as well as Crossbones.

Skull as well as Crossbones camping site is situated about four miles exercise down present in Uneven Lake. It’s situated on the south dealing with point next to the present just southern of Thursday bay. The paddle to that particular location is very nice since you pass a few pictographs found on a higher rock walls. As all of us neared the destination the elements started to show for the actual worse once we saw thunderheads begin to roll within. We started to paddle just a little faster once we heard the actual thunder crack within the distance as well as we reached the campsite prior to the rain began. We obtained out the rain equipment and set up a tarp within the area close to the firepit as well as stored the gear there once we dug away the tents. Following the monsoon handed we finished setting up camp and chose to do just a little fishing.

Just south in our campsite tend to be two currents separated with a pool by having an island in the centre. We started to drift around in the present eddies as well as jigged with regard to Walleyes. Nobody caught any kind of huge types but all of us did capture enough for the group associated with four to possess supper. By that point it had been getting darkish so all of us headed to camp, experienced supper, as well as collapsed in to our resting bags.

Day time 2

Day time 2 introduced more rainfall and blowing wind. We chose to fish the actual currents southern of camping and right alongside camp which day simply because Wednesday these types of was churned to some froth. While all of us fished within the cove throughout from camping we noticed two canoes begin into Thursday bay, a couple of minutes later they returned after viewing the waves within the bay. For the end from the day the sun’s rays came away more and also the wind lightened a little, but it had been still very windy. All of us didn’t capture any large Walleye however we do catch sufficient for an additional supper.

Day time 3

Day time 3 noticed better climate and the tent experienced a mascot. It seems an area spider loved to sit on the exterior of the tent each and every morning. He or she was regarding two in . across as well as had fascinating patterns upon his back again. That day time we went as much as third present and fished following netting a few minnows within the shallows close to camp. Everyone captured Walleye’s as well as Northern Pike but there have been no trophies which day possibly. Again, we’d enough with regard to supper.

Day time 4

Day four brought much more wind therefore we chose to fish close to camp. More consuming size walleye had been caught and a few Northern Pike as well as Smallmouth came out. The smallmouth largemouth bass were 22″ as well as 21″ respectively as well as quite big. That evening we barbequed fish rather than deep baking them, it had been VERY great. I indicate grilling Walleye in order to anyone. I’d even think about leaving oil in your own home all together and bring the grill fundamental, some squirt butter, plus some spices.

Day time 5

We went back in order to third current this very day come rainfall or sparkle. The day began overcast having a nice drizzle. We obtained almost in order to American current and also the wind whipped right into a frenzy. Attempting to paddle from the wind with the current had been quite intense since it generated a few nasty whitened caps exactly where it met the present in the actual narrows. We fought onto third present and waited to determine if the actual wind might let upward, but this never do. We returned down via American present and found an area for lunch time. After going for a siesta presently there and watching the elements, we worked back to 4th current to get free from the blowing wind and seafood. We drifted all around the area simply above 4th current as well as caught enough catch supper. We after that tried angling the factors back via Wednesday these types of to Tablerock but only a hammer-handle Pike was at risk.

Day 6

This very day we shattered camp as well as headed back again out. Paddling in the Horse water wasn’t as well bad till we reached the small rapids that people had ridden via going downstream. We obtained the vessel stuck each times but could get from the rocks. We portaged round the first rapids prior to entering Equine Lake. Once all of us reached the actual lake we’d lunch and chose to fish for a while before leaving the BWCA. We noticed several individuals fishing reefs with regard to Walleye however decided it had been too early within the season with regard to there to become much presently there. We concentrated about the points as well as islands in the downwind end from the lake. We captured probably 5 Walleye within the couple associated with hours we’d to extra and threw all of them back because we were not taking seafood out. After that we completed the exercise out.

After we reached Chainsaw Sister’s we visited the club and had a few cold types while all of us waited for the ride. Those were the very best beers I’d in quite a long time. Our trip picked all of us up as well as took us to the outfitters. Once presently there we obtained keys towards the bunkhouse as well as took an extended anticipated bath. After that people went in order to Cranberry’s as well as had hamburgers and ale for dinner, then it had been off in order to bed.

Day time 7

That morning we’d another great breakfast in the something-or-other café (We still can’t remember the actual name) as well as settled up using the outfitter. In the middle of all the actual hubbub from the night prior to we were able to lock the actual keys within the truck so we’d to await a locksmith too. Oh nicely, you understand how it will go. Once all of us were just about all settled upward and prepared we created the drive to civilization. I had been dropped away in Minneapolis in the airport and all of those other crew continued onto their locations.


Things to say regarding my first day at the BWCA? We loved this. I would change and proceed again inside a heartbeat. The actual quiet, the actual fishing, the actual scenery, it’s it just about all. Even although we did not catch any kind of trophy Walleye, with no one all of us spoke in order to had this season, I know they’re in presently there. That place also offers killer Smallmouth fishing plus some huge 20#+ North Pike to provide. There is sufficient water in order to fish various water each and every trip for life if you love to paddle to the back nation.

I might also prefer to say our Outfitter was excellent. Wilderness Outfitters supplied excellent equipment, canoes, and their own guides are first class. Jeff is particularly good, even once the fish are not biting the very best he includes a spontaneity and sufficient stories in order to fill the actual slow period. The owner may be fishing, capturing, and hunting the region since he or she was a little boy as well as probably knows just as much or more concerning the area because anyone. Their bunkhouse had been clean plus they were along the way of remodeling it. As the bunkbeds were just a little squeaky these were comfortable and also the shower space was good and thoroughly clean.

As much as angling gear can be involved you often will catch all of the fish you would like with 1/4, as well as 3/8 ounce jigs tipped along with leaches or even minnows. You may also catch fish about the grub bodies however the live bait appeared to work just a little better. You could also want in order to throw in certain lindy rigs just in case the angling gets just a little tougher to help you slow lower the demonstration. Others have lots of results angling slip bobber rigs tipped along with minnows or even leaches. Instead of getting minnows I would suggest bringing the net as well as catching your personal. It provides you with less to transport and these people work equally well.

I will need to say which i didn’t adequately get ready for the journey physically. The next time I may starting getting long walks having a backpack full of weights. That will assist condition me for that portaging. I nevertheless haven’t determined a great conditioning concept for paddling besides just heading out and swimming around someplace.

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